If you’re hungry while in a calorie deficit, this one is for you! Brittany and Alex, WAG’s resident RDNs, are back with their favorite tips for getting more volume in your meals and actually feeling full while losing body fat.


0:00 - Introduction

2:35 - Why we love egg whites and how to add them to basically everything

5:30 - How to make "protein milk"

7:00 - Tips to cut back on dietary fats in your condiments (so you can chew and swallow them)

9:35 - How to choose the best protein sources based on your macros

11:00 - What are "high volume" carbohydrates, and where can I find them?

12:20 - Rice hacks

13:40 - Tips for making pizza more macro-friendly 

15:00 - You eat with your eyes (aka: why mindset matters)


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