As a nutrition coach, creating a coaching value system is key to your personal growth and the growth of your clients. If you own your own nutrition coaching company, it also plays an imperative role in the success of your business.

When times are easy, it may feel simple to prioritize and exemplify the values you’ve declared most important. But, when times get tricky, that can feel much harder.

We’re walking you through how to create your coaching value system so you can connect back to it when you have hard choices to make.

Why do I need a value system?

Being a coach and business owner requires you to make choices. You need to identify your priorities, in order, and stick with them when you’re presented with two or more different ways of doing something.

Sometimes, these choices are as easy as how many clients you have time for or what colors to brand your business (okay, colors can be hard!).

At other times, these choices might be much tougher and include choices like...

  • What expectations to set for communication turnaround time with clients
  • How to have tough conversations with clients if their goals and actions aren’t aligning or if you believe they want to try something that could be physically harmful (i.e. drastically cut calories)
  • If applicable, how to foster a fun and professional environment for coaches who work for you

On a lighter note, having a value system will remind you why you started.

Even a career you love can be trying at times. Connecting back to what drew you to nutrition coaching can help relieve the fire when you’re feeling burned out.

The WAG Value System

At WAG, our values are as follows, in this order:

  1. Client Transformation
  2. Judgement Free Safe Zone for WAG Members & Staff
  3. Exceptional Coaching Service
  4. High Quality, High-Value Service and Client Experience
  5. Our Amazing Community
  6. Leading by Example
  7. Efficiency in Everything

You can use them as inspiration as you create your own if you feel called to do so. At the very least, you’ll begin to see how having a clearly outlined hierarchy of values can act as a north star when making decisions.

After identifying our values, we took the time to envision what it looks and feels like to achieve these values. Who is involved? What steps are taken to achieve it? When applicable, we also outlined clear action steps to achieve this in our business.

Your Coaching Value System - Step By Step

You’re likely wondering, “okay, great. But where do I even start?”

The end goal is a list of 5-10 values, prioritized and defined. But, it takes some steps to get there so let’s break it down together.

Step 1: Brainstorm

As yourself questions like…

  • What do I value most from the coaches I’ve had (or still have)?
  • What do they do that makes me feel safe, heard and prioritized?
  • Who do I look up to?
  • What values do they exemplify?
  • What are my clients already thanking me for? What value am I already providing for people? Can I see any themes? Is this something I am passionate about continuing to prioritize?
  • As a business owner: what kind of environment do I want to foster for my coaches?

Step 2: Narrow Down
Once you have your braindump, narrow them down. Which ones are most important to you? Are there any that can be combined into the same value? Make sure you’re picking the values that really speak to you and show up in your coaching/business. Not just the ones that sound good or that you think should be a top priority. (Read: just cause it is our top priority, doesn’t mean it has to be yours!)

Step 3: 
Complete the outline below to help you really define and begin to visualize these values.

  • What: What is the value?
  • Where/Why: Why is it important to your business or your job as a coach? Where does this value show up as necessary to keep in mind?
  • How: How can you hold yourself accountable to this value and ensure it is part of your coaching style?

Want an example?

  • What: Non-judgemental education
  • Where/Why: I understand that knowledge is power and I aim to empower my clients by educating them in every check-in. I understand that many people want a quick fix and come from differing nutritional backgrounds and that not everyone knows what I know. Educating clients about the importance of a specific nutrient, habit or lifestyle change we’re working on helps them to realize why it should be prioritized. This encourages compliance. Educating clients also establishes me as a trustworthy source of information for them.
  • How: I include at least one piece of scientific education in each check-in so my clients. I do my own side-research with reputable and trustworthy sources to ensure I am always learning new information I can share!

Step 4: Prioritize

Now that you have your clearly defined list of values, prioritize them. As you do so, think about what value trumps all other values. Remember that this is the list you will use when making all major decisions.

Let’s use a WAG example keeping in mind that “Client Transformation” is our #1 priority.

We recommend the coaching software, Seismic, to all coaches. When deciding which features to update and add, Seismic always prioritizes the features that will support client transformation most, and then the smaller stuff comes down the line.

Wrapping it all up

Nothing is set in stone and as you grow as a coach (or, as your business grows), your values may shift as well. So, give it a shot but don’t feel locked in once you’ve completed the steps above.

Although being a great coach or business owner requires you to stand by what you value and make tough choices sometimes you can always revisit your values if something really isn’t clicking.

And, if you still feel like you could use a community of like-minded coaches and business owners around you as you continue your journey, the is for you! We have hundreds of resources (including WAG coaches and marketing experts!) available to help you grow as a coach and a business.

The first step to becoming part of the program is the WAG Coach Certification. Check it out!