“Single-source macro” is a term we use for foods that have only ONE of the three macros: protein, carbs or fats. Having a list of foods to turn to when you have only one macro you need to fill is extremely helpful – you don't want to go over your other macros by accident! For example, if you just have fat left at the end of your day, cheese wouldn’t be a good option because it also contains a good portion of protein. Building entire meals with single-source, and some basic two-source macros, does make it easier to track more accurately. It’s a great tool for beginners and for overcoming weight goal plateaus.

The below infographic has been an extremely useful tool for many WAG members. It lists macro-friendly ingredients and snack combinations that you can mix and match to ensure you fit your macros perfectly.

help, what do I eat?

Need more suggestions on what foods will help you reach your goals based on your food preferences and what is available to you? Hiring a 1:1 coach will give you the ability to ask specific questions to someone who puts in the effort to get to know YOU. At WAG, our coaches work hard to give you tips and tricks for your lifestyle, food preferences, and nutritional needs to help you not only reach your goals - but maintain them.