Wondering what to get for the health-conscious people in your life? We asked Registered Dietitians on the WAG Staff what they’re asking for this holiday—here is what is on their wishlists (plus a quick holiday health tip!). 

what is on an RDN's holiday wish list?


Present Inspiration for the Health-Conscious People In Your Life

We're making your holiday shopping easy this year! WAG Coaches and RDNs Brittany, Alex, and Taylor gave us a little sneak peek at their holiday wish lists. Use these as inspiration and starting places as you shop for health-conscious loved ones.

Taylor Lucas, RDN, LND

  1. Instacart membership gift card will help me utilize grocery delivery when my days/weeks are busier than planned. This helps prevent ordering in and ensures my “normal” healthy foods are around.
  2. Travel food scale for precision nutrition monitoring while I’m on the go! This is especially helpful during travel for the holiday season and when I’m on the road competing.
  3. Kitchen compost bin - Discarding scraps during meal prep will make me feel way more earth-conscious. I want to reduce waste and produce nutrient-rich soil for my vegetable garden.
  4. Glass kitchen food storage container set since I love aesthetically pleasing cabinets and refrigerators—plus, it will encourage me to meal prep!
  5. A kettlebell for endless, versatile options for home workouts! 

Quick Holiday Nutrition Tip: Don’t skip meals leading into a big holiday meal. Incorporate a nourishing, fiber and protein-rich breakfast and/or lunch so that your energy and hunger levels are balanced as you head to the meal. You’ll feel a lot more in control of your food decisions because you won’t be tired and hungry!



Brittany Werner, MS, RDN, LND

  1. An Alo Moves Membership will help me get in more yoga and mobility at home outside of my usual CrossFit classes each week. I love the versatility of coaches and yoga styles.
  2. I want to (finally) jump on the Stanley Cup train! It will encourage me to stay on top of my hydration, and I love that they actually fit in my car cup holders.
  3. I’ve heard great things about the Sunrise Alarm Clock and want to try it. Waking up gradually and naturally will help me feel more alert in the morning.
  4. A bedside humidifier for dryer nights will help with stuffiness and hydration—especially in the chillier months.
  5. A Papier Wellness Journal to help me set goals and stay grounded in the new year.

Quick Holiday Nutrition Tip: Keep healthy foods stocked in your fridge and prep some go-to meals to keep on hand during the holiday season. Things get busy fast, and when you have lots of special events when you may want a treat, keeping the healthy choice the easy choice at home adds up! If a day, meal, or event doesn’t go as planned, start fresh with the next meal or the next morning. 

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Alex Oskian, MS, RDN

  1. The Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro 10-in-1 Air Oven does it all. Air fryer (so no oil either!!), bake, roast, toast… and so much more! This would be so helpful for all kinds of dishes, and I wouldn’t have to turn on the oven (a HUGE plus in the summertime!)
  2. A chef apron… this one really is for my husband, but even I would wear it. Trying to carry everything from the kitchen to the grill can become a juggling act. So, being able to carry things on your body is so helpful. There is a pocket for everything in this apron- a towel, utensils, meat thermometer, and more. Plus, it saves your clothes from any mess! 
  3. Always Pan- this pan is supposed to be a one-pan option. So you don’t need to have a full variety of pans in all shapes and sizes. This is it!! What also makes this pan special is that it is made without potentially toxic materials, which has been a focus of mine. 
  4. Gift card to any grocery store. Costco, Walmart, Thrive (online), Butcher Box (online). I would love any kind of gift card that I could use to fill up my kitchen with my staples. 
  5. New active shoes. Specifically, I chose Flux brand shoes because they have a wider toe base (so my toes can breathe/move how they should) and a no-drop design (which strengthens the feet). Nothing speaks of healthy holidays to me more than including movement throughout the holidays. 

Quick Holiday Nutrition Tip: Don’t downplay the impact of doing something small daily for your overall health and wellness. The holidays are busy, so we often don’t have time for a long workout or a full meal prep. That is OK! 15-20 minutes of movement still benefits you! Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast of any kind can still make an impact (even if you have cookies for dinner). No need to be all in or all out! 


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