Happy Mother's Day

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Every day, our coaches and community are lucky enough to work with women who truly manage to do it all. It’s not always easy to balance a career, training, nutrition, a social life and self-care, all while raising a family, but we see you and appreciate you.

The choice to make your health a priority is about giving yourself and your loved ones the best possible version of you. In our opinion, making that optional is not an option, and we are so happy you feel the same way.

We hear so many incredible reasons that mothers choose to join Team WAG:

"To be able to share adventures with my children and grandchildren."

"Feel energized and live life to its fullest potential."

"Create time and space to prioritize my wellness."

 "To model for my daughter what self-love and confidence look like."

"To look the best I ever have and on my terms."

"To make better nutritional choices for myself and my family."

After taking the leap, this is what mothers have to say...

“ Now, I just want to show people (anyone struggling but especially moms) that you really can do anything you set your mind to, and not just in spite of children but because of children. It gives me such joy to know my daughter gets to see me have tough days and struggle, and then also adapt to conquer whatever that adversity was. I have hope that she can learn to do the same. That she can learn to love herself and her body for what it can DO, not just what it looks like, especially in a world where there's so much pressure on young girls.”


Melissa Bell-Sheffield

In response to “Where am I right now? What is my "why"?”


“...My kids need to see their mommy eat well so that they will eat well too.

This has been huge; my kids are picky eaters, but food prep and seeing Mommy eat better has helped them be more open to trying new things.”


Zeta Cooper


  “After having my daughter in October 2015, I had gotten back into the gym and just wasn't seeing the results that I wanted to, and after taking my original photos, I certainly wasn't looking my best. [I]t has changed both my and my husband’s lives for the better. I feel really confident going forward, that we can set a great example for our daughter as she grows up.”


Rebecca Brietzke

Happy Mother’s Day!


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