At Working Against Gravity we’re so proud of the different ways our clients have grown with us. Often, clients ask how long it may take to see body composition changes, or look to other people’s transformations to gauge their progress. It's important to understand that no two bodies are alike, and everyone has their own unique timeline. Comparing your progress to someone else’s is a losing battle – you have to honour your own work.

That being said, the people you're inspired by don't have a magic trick for getting fantastic results. Everyone has days where they want to eat the whole tub of ice cream, or where grabbing take-out for lunch sounds more appealing than getting up 20 minutes early to meal prep. Those ‘successful’ people aren't doing anything extraordinary, they're simply sticking to the plan. As coaches, we want you to reach (and surpass) your goals. We're here to give you the tools and support to do so, but it's up to you to make it happen.

Here are some tips and habits to getting the most out of the program:

  • Ask Questions. Being part of Team WAG means being part of a community. Take advantage of it! Our members-only Facebook group is a great place to ask questions about food and general macro tracking tips. Please ask your coach any program specific questions, but we would always rather you clarify than try and go it alone.
  • Check in Every Week. As coaches, we need to see how your body is responding to your macros in order to assess how to tweak your program to yield the best results. If you go MIA every few weeks it's tough for us to know how to tailor your program.
  • Be Thorough! A spreadsheet with 'Good week. Training felt fine.' doesn't give your coach a lot to work with. The more information you can provide your coach, the better they can help you. There is a check in template in your welcome email if you need prompts for what to share in your updates.
  • Don't Be a Hero. Try to be communicative about any struggles you may be experiencing before you feel overwhelmed. Addressing issues early allows your coach to develop a plan to give you support while staying on track for your goals.
  • Be Honest With Your Coach. Check-ins are a space for you to be completely honest with your coach about how you're doing. If you go over your macros or skip your cardio, we need to know about it. Having an accurate understanding of the ‘big picture' is important for us to do our job.
  • Track Every Day. We can give you a set of macros, but it's up to you to follow them. Consistency is key. Tracking and hitting your macros is important to seeing the results you want.
  • Minimize Your Margin of Error. Yes, you have to weigh that. Yes, you have to track that. During a cut, frequent estimations can stall progress. Precision in knowing exactly what's in your food and how much you're eating is part of developing good tracking habits.
  • Be Honest With Yourself. Are your goals and expectations in line with your efforts? This is a little bit of tough love, but in order to make some goals happen, you're going to have to get uncomfortable. You may have to spend a few hours meal prepping when you'd rather be watching TV, or drink a Diet Soda instead of beer when you're out with friends. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The amount of work you're willing to put in directly influences the results you'll get.
  • Find Joy in the Process. Making lifestyle changes is a marathon, not a sprint. Regardless of what your goals are, change takes time. Keep the big picture in mind but understand that it's the culmination of all your small efforts. Finding a way to engage your diet in a positive way makes it empowering rather than restrictive. Take this as an opportunity to learn about yourself far beyond food.

The next time you see a transformation that has you thinking 'Wow! I want that type of change!’ or ‘why can’t that be me’ – remember, it can be! Understand that by shifting your habits, you can shift your progress. Take some time to identify ways you can improve your precision, and reengage what goals brought you to Team WAG in the first place. Nothing is out of reach if you're willing to work for it and we're here to help you get there.