It is easy to overlook post-workout nutrition for the CrossFit Open. When you’re in the thick of an ongoing competition, you likely focus on what to eat before your workout. But what you eat after your workout is imperative for proper recovery and ensuring you’re ready to take on each weekly test. In this episode of Fueling for Functional Fitness, WAG Coaches Josh and Jess tackle what you need to know about post-workout nutrition.

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0:46 - What macros should you focus on after your workout and why?

1:55 - Post-workout nutrition timing

2:42 - What if I train fasted? Is there anything specific I need to think about?

4:13 - How many grams of carbs and protein should I eat after a workout?

5:18 - Specific post-workout meal ideas

6:25 - Tips for handling your nutrition timing during “Friday Night Lights” or other gym events during the CrossFit Open

10:00 - How do these tips translate into everyday workouts?


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