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Alex has a master’s degree in exercise science, is a registered dietitian, and is a competitive CrossFit athlete. She enjoys staying fit, hiking and recently got into snowboarding! As a registered dietitian, she is part of our team of coaches who are now creating custom meal plans for our existing clients and the general public. Get to know a little more about her:

What inspires you as a nutrition coach?

I have always had the desire to help people in some way or another. Very early on in my childhood, I can remember wanting to do something in the medical field. As I got older and as life happened to me, that vision morphed into something else as I no longer wanted to be inside a hospital-like setting where I was treating symptoms of different diseases. Yet, I still wanted to help people.

I realized that I could still do that by teaching and coaching people all about nutrition. Food can be medicine to prevent symptoms and diseases that can plague people in life. So my passion for helping people is why I am a nutrition coach today. This line of work isn’t easy, but I still love doing it daily since I can help people.

What originally got you interested in nutrition and fitness?

Well, my last answer provided a little background as to why I am a nutrition coach, but the bigger story of how I got interested in nutrition and fitness started when I was in high school. Life impacted me during that period of time in a way that resulted in me becoming anorexic. Food was the only thing that I had control over since the rest of my life felt very out of control - my mom passed away, my dad was dealing with alcoholism, my maternal grandparents (who I was very, very close with) were no longer a part of my life, and I was in high school.

So my interest in nutrition started as an obsession to control how much I was eating (which wasn’t much). After my first year of college, I convinced my dad that I wanted to change majors from Pre-Pharmacy to Nutrition because I told him that I really liked learning about nutrition and could see myself doing that career more than being a pharmacist. (This which really was just a cover-up for my obsession with all things food and body weight). I was still trying to find my way of helping people without being inside a hospital-like setting.

After that change, as they say, the rest is history! I am now working for WAG, and fulfilling my ultimate goal which is helping people learn about how to fuel their bodies for better health and wellness.

What's your top macro-friendly dish to bring to a dinner party?

It seems like I am always bringing some kind of fruit or veggie dish to a party. Whether that be a fresh fruit bowl or a salad with all kinds of veggies, textures, and flavor profiles. Those options are always few and far between when it comes to party spreads, but everyone is always appreciative of having something fresh! (Plus, it gives me something to fill up on!)

What’s an essential part of your daily routine?

Walking! I am always fitting in some kind of walk daily. I do believe this is my kind of mediation or grounding work. I do all my thinking, mood-regulating, and decompressing on my walks. I can’t tell you how many times I have put on one of my moody playlists and come back to the house feeling 10x better than when I left.

What's your favorite part about living in Marysville, California?

One of my favorite parts about this city (it is more like a small town) is that I am only a two-hour drive from something fun - the mountains to enjoy snow sports or hiking, and the beach to watch the waves roll in. I am also just a day trip away from some other really neat things like L.A., the Redwood National Park, the wine vineyards, and more. California does have some perks, believe it or not!

Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list, and why?

Greece!! I am actually visiting this country soon. My dad and I started traveling together last year and decided to make it an annual thing. One day he was reading an article about Greece and called me up to tell me that we should go! So we planned it and are making the trip.

So technically, my next place is Alaska. We have already talked about visiting next year. My dad and mom met in Alaska, so there is some history there, but I really just want to see the amazing views and wildlife. I am totally not a camper, so we likely will rent an RV of some kind to cruise around.

Which of your personality traits are you most proud of? 

My husband actually pointed this one out to me the other day. He told me that I am very determined, and I am in constant pursuit of improving myself. I have to agree with him! I really am proud of myself for being that way. The determination and never settling for “just good enough” has done a lot of good for me so far in life!

What's something you’d like to learn?

I want to learn how to mountain bike. The area I live in has so many great outdoor activities, so that is the next thing I want to learn how to do. I am going to try out this spring/summer. Sure, it is just riding a bike, but I bet it is a sport that isn’t as easy as it looks, and it doesn’t look easy!

What’s your favorite aisle in the grocery store?

The meat or cereal aisle. The meat aisle because I love protein, so I spend most of my money on products from that aisle; the cereal aisle because cereal is my favorite way to enjoy carbs. I always have to try the new Cheerios flavors (for real). I know that sounds super lame that I find enjoyment in cereal, but cereal is one of my go-to foods!

What is something people are always surprised to learn about you?

I am naturally a blonde. Not platinum blonde, but a darker shade of blonde. I have had dark hair for a really long time, so most people don’t even know what that looks like on me and tell me that they can't believe it. 

What's the most life-changing piece of advice you've ever heard?

FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real. My dad has told me this so many times. I have taken so many leaps and have done things that I originally never believed were possible because of that advice taking up rent in my head. 

What makes you laugh the most?

Cats. I know not many are cat people, but I am. I grew up with cats all my life, and everything about them makes me laugh (well, mostly everything… sometimes they can be real jerks!)

Get to know a bit more about coach Alex HERE or listen to her interview on the Inside WAG Nutrition Podcast.



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