In a world where wellness is the new wealth, tracking macronutrient intake has quickly become as essential as remembering your morning coffee.

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Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you now have a plethora of macro-tracking apps at your fingertips. Yet, amidst this smorgasbord of options, which one reigns supreme in the kingdom of free apps? Let’s discuss the best free macro tracking apps and their most impactful features.


The Best Free Macro Tracking Apps

MacrosFirst: The Mindful Meal Mate

Snap, track, and conquer with MacrosFirst’s Recipe Analyzer! From family secrets to culinary triumphs, get nutritional breakdowns in a flash. Save these homemade delicacies for hassle-free tracking. This app also syncs with Seismic, WAG’s online nutrition coaching platform, for seamless tracking of macro goal compliance.

Free Feature Highlights: Custom daily macro goals, unlimited custom daily meals, meal-specific macro goals, offline access, food database, barcode scanner.

Paid Feature Highlights: Nutrition trend tracking, daily meal notes, export meal history. MacrosFirst.

Best For: Individuals following specific dietary protocols, such as counting macros or managing weight. Note that barcode scanning, custom daily macro goals, and personalized meal names are free with MacrosFirst but are paid features in MyFitnessPal.


MyFitnessPal: The Foodie's Friend

Embark on a flavor-filled adventure with MyFitnessPal, one of the first macro-tracking apps on the market.

Free Feature Highlights: The best free feature is its extensive food database. From everyday staples to exotic delicacies, this app boasts a smorgasbord of culinary delights. MyFitnessPal's free recipe importer feature lets you seamlessly import recipes from the web, making macro tracking a breeze, even for the most discerning palates.

Paid Feature Highlights: Personalized goals and insights, advanced nutrient tracking, barcode scanner, personalized meal names and times, exclusive content from health and fitness experts, deeper analysis of your food choices, and an ad-free experience.

Best For: Those who are already using MyFitnessPal and don’t want to make a big switch to MacrosFirst, people who don’t mind basing their daily macro goals on daily percentages instead of exact grams. Those who have time to search for foods in a database instead of scanning a barcode.


Cronometer: The Nutrient Navigator

Navigate the nutritional seas with Cronometer, renowned for its meticulous tracking of macros and micronutrients. Yet, its standout feature lies in its comprehensive nutrient breakdown. Dive deep into the world of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ensuring your dietary voyage is as enriching as it is delicious.

Free Feature Highlights: Food database, sync activity trackers, limited data analysis tool.

Paid Feature Highlights: No ads, detailed macronutrient breakdowns, advanced nutrient tracking for micronutrients and vitamins, customizable biometric targets, priority customer support, fasting and glucose charts, and the ability to share your data with healthcare professionals or coaches.

Best For: The paid version of this app offers unparalleled insights into nutrient intake and biometric information. It also allows you to monitor GKI, Glucose, and fasting information. 


FatSecret: The Social Support System

Say goodbye to solitary tracking and hello to the supportive embrace of FatSecret's community. Connect with like-minded individuals on your journey to wellness, sharing tips, recipes, and encouragement along the way. However, it's the meal planner feature that steals the spotlight. Plan your meals easily, ensuring every bite aligns with your nutritional goals while fostering a sense of culinary camaraderie.

Free Feature Highlights: Nutrition information, daily food diary, healthy recipes

Paid Feature Highlights: Advanced meal planning tools, personalized diet recommendations, exclusive access to dietitian-designed meal plans, ad-free experience.

Best For: Those who find community and accountability helpful in sticking to their goals.


Lose It!: The Motivation Mastermind

Embark on a macro-tracking odyssey with Lose It!, where motivation is the game's name. Set personalized goals, track your progress, and revel in the sweet taste of success. But its pièce de résistance? The challenges feature. Whether you're competing with friends or striving to beat your personal best, Lose It! turns tracking macros into a thrilling adventure, making healthy living feel more like play than work.

Free Feature Highlights: Basic calorie tracking, food logging, a personalized weight loss plan, and community communication.

Paid Features: Advanced nutrient tracking, meal planning with recipes and grocery insights, exercise tracking with custom goals, insights into meal patterns and trends, integration with fitness devices, priority customer support, “Smart Camera” technology.

Best For: The paid app is great for those who prefer to take photos of their food and let an app estimate macros. Although not precise or perfect, this offers a great beginner option for macro tracking.


MyNetDiary: The Recipe Royalty

Indulge your inner chef with MyNetDiary's recipe calculator, the crowning jewel of this nutritional kingdom. Input your favorite recipes, adjust serving sizes, and behold as the app unveils a detailed nutritional breakdown. From calorie counts to macro ratios, this feature ensures your culinary creations are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Free Feature Highlights: Barcode scanner, weight tracking, nutrient goal recommendations, set custom macro goals.

Paid Feature Highlights: Advanced nutrient tracking focusing on micronutrients, meal planning and recipe analysis, goal setting for weight management and nutrition targets, integration with fitness devices, personalized insights based on your data, and priority customer support.

Best For: Those who love to cook, create recipes, and accurately track their macros along the way.


So, What is the Best Free Macro Tracking App?

The landscape of free macro tracking apps offers diverse options to suit each individual's unique needs and preferences. That being said, it is the paid features of most that really set them apart.

If you’re looking for a free macro-tracking app that offers the most bang for your (lack of) buck, we recommend MacrosFirst to most of our clients. But at the end of the day, the one that is “best” could be the one you’re already using or that feels most intuitive to you. Think about the options above and try a few that stood out to you. Then go with what feels right!

If you need help figuring out your nutrition goals, try one-on-one nutrition coaching or schedule a one-time counseling session. Our coaches will get to know you and create a completely personalized set of macronutrient goals that you can put right in your app of choice!