Coach Alex (who loves her Whoop and her Garmin) and Coach Brittany share their honest thoughts about fitness trackers. Are they accurate? What can they actually teach us? How do WAG coaches use data to set and adjust macros? Watch today’s Lunch & Learn to find out!


0:00 - Introduction and What's for Lunch?

2:30 - How accurate are fitness trackers when it comes to activity, calorie burn, and recovery?

3:55 - The only way to truly know how many calories you’re burning

4:25 - What can fitness trackers and watches actually help with?

5:30 - How to avoid getting obsessive with numbers

6:50 - How counting macros can help you use watch data effectively 

7:30 - Diving into the mental side of fitness and activity trackers

8:00 - Tracking trends and additional ways WAG clients use wearables effectively

10:30 - How do WAG Nutrition Coaches use data from your fitness trackers to set and adjust macros?

13:30 - The BIGGEST takeaway from fitness trackers


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