100 Calories in 100 Ways: 65-68

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We’ve talked a lot about high volume carb choices over the last few days, so today we want to have a bit of fun with some traditionally “non-healthy” foods.

We’ve left the Kiwi in for reference, just to compare how easy it is to burn 100 calories on the other foods. What do you think, is the muffin worth it?

Kiwi 170g 1F/23C/2P 4F Chocolate Chip Muffin 29g 5F/14C/1P 0 Fiber
Blueberry Waffle 35g 4F/16C/2P 0 Fiber Fruit Leather 30g 2F/23C/0P 1 Fiber

Which of these items, if any, would you splurge on?

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