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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 53-56

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Items 53-56 look at some of our favourite “toppings” – we can think of more than a few foods we would add these items to.

There’s an obvious winner from a volume point of view here, but from our experience, it’s the other three items that trip people up! While dressing, hummus and avocado are generally labeled as conscious choices, they can certainly chew up a lot of macros.

Chunky Salsa 390g 0F/19C/6P 6 Fiber Caesar Dressing 25g 9F/3C/1P 0 Fiber
Hummus 27g 5F/11C/4P 3 Fiber Avocado 62g 9F/5C/1P 4 Fiber

When people start tracking macros, there is commonly one or two items that they “thought” were great choices, but turned out to be breaking the macro bank. Did you have any items like this?

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