100 Calories in 100 Ways: 49-52

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We’ve made it to the half way point as we review 100 calories in 100 ways. We hope you have enjoyed it so far!

We thought we’d introduce some higher fat options today. With one gram of fat equalling 9 calories per, and one gram of carbohydrates and protein accounting for only 4 calories each, there is more volume to be had with the lower fat choices.

Rice Cracker 24g 1F/20C/1P 1 Fiber Pumpkin Seeds 18g 9F/2C/5P 1 Fiber
Mixed Nuts 17g 8F/4C/3P 1 Fiber Cucumber 670g 0F/24C/4P 3 Fiber

What high-fat foods to you splurge on?

Are you making these nutrition mistakes?

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