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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 21-24

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There is more than one way to satisfy a sweet tooth, and while gummies and dried fruit are an easy way to knock off some carbs, you get a lot more bang for your macro buck when you go with fresh fruit or unsweetened apple sauce.

We love this example of spending your macro money wisely!

Strawberries 310g 1F/24C/2P 6 Fiber Dried Cranberries 33g  0F/27C/0P 2 Fiber
Jujube Gummies 31g  0F/25C/0P 0 Fiber Unsweetened Apple Sauce 247g  0F/28C/0P 3 Fiber

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth while stretching your macro money?

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Posted by Kate Hart

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