100 Calories in 100 Ways: 1-4

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When you first start counting macros, it can be overwhelming – and eye opening – piecing together what is actually in the foods you eat everyday. If you haven’t thought in carbs, fats and protein before, it can take a while to adjust.

We wanted to take some of the guesswork out of this adjustment, and give you an idea of what is actually in some of those foods we consume on a regular basis. We figured we’d have some fun with it too, so over the next few days – twenty-five to be exact – we will be bringing you 100 calories in 100 ways.

We chose 100 calories, because while it’s a relatively small amount in the grand scheme of a day, there are many different ways we can achieve that amount of food - from both a macro breakdown and volume standpoint – which we hope to demonstrate over the next few weeks. No macros were wasted in the creation of these images.

First up – snacks.

Crunchy Granola 22g 4F/15C/2P 2 Fiber Pretzel Stick 26g 0F/22C/2P 1 Fiber
Almonds 17g 9F/4C/4P 2 Fiber Oreo 21g 5F/14C/1P 0F

Are there any snacks you’d like to see featured in our 100 calories in 100 ways series?

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