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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 5-8

For today’s 100 calorie comparison we’re talking toppings. The macros in your favourite toppings can definitely add up if you aren’t careful! We look at some of our favourites below.

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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 1-4

When you first start counting macros, it can be overwhelming – and eye opening – piecing together what is actually in the foods you eat everyday.

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Dealing With Lower Macros

Whether you're looking to optimize your performance in the gym, lean out, or make weight for your next meet, your coach is there to help!

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Working Through an Injury

You spend a majority of your time in the gym pushing your body and testing its limits. Eventually you will find that limit and your body will fight back. What differentiates a player from a champion is how you deal with injuries.

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Managing Eating With Those Who Do Not Track Their Food

We’ve all been there. Someone who doesn’t follow flexible dieting questions your motive, your perseverance and you’re determination to follow the program. So what is the best approach to interacting with those who are not on the same journey as you?

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Introducing: Coach Taylor

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to the members of the Team WAG coaching team. First up is Taylor Gray.

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How to Stick to Your Macros When Eating At Restaurants

We have all been there. You’re doing really well with your macros and making some serious progress… but then it happens. A friend or family member asks us to go out for a special occasion; a birthday, anniversary, or work party.