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WAG Client Testimonials

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Tera Fredrick

I have seen some dramatic changes in my pictures over the last 13 weeks, but I'm beyond grateful for the way this program has made me feel in the gym and in my daily life. This is something I will...

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Miranda Tabaka

I started this program with an overall goal to lose weight and learn how to eat. I have not only reached both goals, but have gained more than I could ever imagine. Working as a nurse and working 1...

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Liz Sloan

Now, at week 21 I am so happy I stuck with the program and am thrilled with my results to date. The keys to being successful in this program are to be truthful with your coach and with yourself and...

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Curt Hobscheidt

I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to take their nutrition to the next level. It has been exceptional for me!!!

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Katherine Gregory

At the end of the day we have ourselves and we need to learn how to love and take care of ourselves to help us be the best self we can be! Time to fuel our bodies, our minds, and spend our macros m...

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Adam Rozier

Feeling good on a daily basis makes doing everything I enjoy outside of the gym that much better.

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Tommy Norton

I have really loved this program so far. The weight loss started almost immediately for me...

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Tracey Piparo

I value the guidance from my coach and especially like the Facebook group who provides unrelenting support and ideas. I have made "friends" with people I would never have known if not for WAG!

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WAG has been an amazing program, it has really taught me balance and a healthy relationship with food. I had been on diets previously that did not support my level of training and I was starving a...

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Robert Davis

I am 100 percent satisfied with this program. It was exactly what I needed for me to live a healthier lifestyle, and I can still enjoy many of the foods that I love. I would recommend this program...

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Jennifer Gibbs

This program has, for the first time in my life, given he the combination of control and flexibility in my diet. Hayden has been a constant source of inspiration, dedication and tough love when ne...

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Becky Harsh

Initial photos taken on Nov 20. First day tracking Dec 7th. I just completed my 7th weekly check-in on Jan 25th. My initial weigh in was 149.5lbs, current weight is 143lbs. When I signed up with th...

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Amanda Leanillo

I am extremely grateful for the guidance that WAG has provided me and for the awesome inspiration that the other WAG members give me every day in the Facebook group. WAG has been an eye opener, a g...

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Julie Loewen

As soon as menopause hit, I gained 10 lbs in a short time and could not find a way that worked to help lose the weight. I came across a post for Working Against Gravity, saw some of the testimonial...

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Phillip Bedwell

I have to be careful not to be overly gushing or longwinded on this as no-one EVER reads the super long testimonials! But I cannot understate how much Team WAG has changed my life and attitude.