Alexander S.


I had a great experience working with WAG. My goal was to increase my muscle mass while reducing my body fat percentage, and I achieved this goal with the help of my WAG nutrition coach, Mitch. He provided me with the macros I needed based on my activity level to help me achieve my goal, and he kept me accountable each week during my check-in to see my progress and how my body composition was changing. Adjustments were made to my macros if needed, and he provided me with nutritional advice and resources to help me hit my macro targets and reach my goal.

After three months of consistent training and following the macros provided by my coach, I increased my muscle mass and got my body fat percentage to 9%. My energy level improved in CrossFit, and my strength numbers went up. At 170lbs, I back squatted 380lbs, strict-press 170lbs for five reps, and did weighted strict pull-ups with 90lbs for five reps. I am happy with the results that I have achieved after working with WAG. Once you stay consistent and follow the macros provided by your WAG coach, you will definitely achieve your health and fitness goals.