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WAG Client Testimonials

George H. Copy View Testimonial

George H.

I’ve taken a lot of different paths in my life and I‘m not sure where my path would have taken me had I not started WAG.  What I do know is that choosing the path to join WAG has made all the diffe...

Art Site Copy View Testimonial

Art E.

I am thankful to have guided Art through his recovery and guiding his mindset. Art is a champion in many ways and is working his way back stronger than ever.

Dani P 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dani P.

When Dani first came to WAG she had the goal of losing 25-30 pounds and gaining strength back after having her two kids. She has not only exceeded both of those goals, but she’s gained a ton of con...

Marina M Copy View Testimonial

Marina M.

I’ve been on and off diets since I was in my teens and I’d like to get to a healthier place with my nutrition. So far I’ve really enjoyed the process of macro counting, I can’t believe it’s already...

Jillian Bizzotto Copy View Testimonial

Jillian B.

With Jillian's hard work and honesty throughout the program, she has increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass to achieve peak performance and a leaner look without sacrificing the fun things in...

Lauren Albin Copy View Testimonial

Lauren A.

Lauren has been a client of mine for 6 months now and is the epitome of hard work and dedication. What you also see in these photos is a client who values consistency, honesty, and a willingness to...

Cynthia Ramirez Smith Copy View Testimonial

Cynthia R.

Cynthia's accomplishments speak volumes – she has consistently placed in numerous major races across various distances, often achieving top rankings in overall standing and in her age group.

Alexander S View Testimonial

Alexander S.

After three months of consistent training and following the macros provided by my coach, I increased my muscle mass and got my body fat percentage to 9%. My energy level improved in CrossFit, and m...

Mel Stanton Copy View Testimonial

Melissa S.

Melissa came to WAG with an overall goal of fat loss and a secondary goal of improving her fitness. She has done both and gained so much more.

Marissa2 View Testimonial

Marissa P.

Knowing that I had big goals for myself on the horizon, I knew I needed to make some changes. Getting a coach through WAG was one of the best decisions I could have made.

1 View Testimonial

Janah E.

I know this is just the beginning of my nutrition and weight goals I’ll reach with Taylor. I love the ease of the SeismicApp and can also appreciate Taylor’s responsiveness when I send questions.