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WAG Client Testimonials

Randy Van Brunt View Testimonial

Randy Van Brunt

It wasn't very long before I had gained complete trust in my coach and as long as I did my part and was diligent in my efforts the results showed every week. I wish that I could have had WAG in my...

Matt Luff View Testimonial

Matt Luff

“Tracking Macros is sustainable for life, some days I use my food scale some days I estimate. If I'm in a rush or on the road all day for work I stop and grab things I can easily scan into MFP. At...

Peter Ostashen.jpg View Testimonial

Peter Ostashen

This program has changed my life and relationship with food. I would recommend it to anyone on the fence to give it a try for 3 months, be honest with your coach and with yourself. The results will...

Matt Longfellow.jpg View Testimonial

Matt Longfellow

My coach was great at pushing me outside of my comfort zone to make necessary changes, but was also supportive and understanding when I had setbacks. I have a good understanding of how to manage my...

Andy Crerar.jpg View Testimonial

Andy Crerar

My coach is real, we’ve gone through so many things in 72 weeks including a pandemic where our stress levels have been through the roof worried about jobs and family, and even through stressful tim...

Bo Buser.jpg View Testimonial

Bo Buser

WAG has been exactly what I needed. The accountability that my coach provided plus the flexibility of the program got me the results I wanted to see in about 2 months... when I had tried other prog...

Larry Rogers.jpg View Testimonial

Larry Rogers

Learning "why" I eat (or overeat) was something that I will have in my toolbox for the rest of my life. The learning about myself was the biggest takeaway from my journey with WAG.

Matt Loker.jpg View Testimonial

Matt Loker

Taking control of my nutrition was important to me so that I can have the energy to keep up with my duties and to be a good example for my daughters. The positive impact WAG has had on my health an...

Christian Werner.jpg View Testimonial

Christian Werner

I've also really appreciated my relationship with my coach. We've really connected and he's pushed me well beyond my initial goals. My energy and activity levels are greater than ever, and friends...

Jason Czebotar.jpg View Testimonial

Jason C

I learned a lot about foods that I could eat more of in order to not be hungry. It wasn’t a perfect process by any means, but I was able to find what worked for me with help from my coach.

James Fee.png View Testimonial

James Fee

WAG is worth every dollar, every hour, every lesson, every failure, every check-in, every growing experience and absolutely worth the final success.

Paulo Pinho.jpg View Testimonial

Paulo Pinho

My coach helped me through all these weeks with a lot advice, always willing to help me and guided me through this process of ups and downs.

Isaiah Carter.jpeg View Testimonial

Isaiah Carter

I honestly wasn’t satisfied with certain things in my life before joining WAG and I was willing to make a change. It’s more than just having a nutrition coach helping you reach goals. It’s a family.

Kevin Murphy_1.jpg View Testimonial

Kevin Murphy

I believe everyone has a shot to achieve their goals in a sustainable way. For me, WAG is the perfect balance of accountability and flexibility that makes this program the best.

David Harris.jpg View Testimonial

David Harris

I can honestly say that I believe WAG saved my life. It's not easy and I regularly have episodes of self doubt and self loathing but thanks to my WAG coach I keep on top of things.