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WAG Client Testimonials

Robert F Copy View Testimonial

Robert F.

Not only has Robert reached body composition goals, we have worked on adding in other positive habits like taking more daily steps and improving bedtime routines to help solidify this body composit...

Jason W 1 Copy View Testimonial

Jason W.

At 64 years old, he’s down 60 pounds over the last year and feeling better than ever.  Jason sleeps much better, is less sore, and has a very much improved quality of life.

Larry J. Copy View Testimonial

Larry J.

Larry was the one that put in all the work and showed up even when life was challenging. His progress is proof that you can juggle a lot of things at once.

George H. Copy View Testimonial

George H.

I’ve taken a lot of different paths in my life and I‘m not sure where my path would have taken me had I not started WAG.  What I do know is that choosing the path to join WAG has made all the diffe...

Art Site Copy View Testimonial

Art E.

I am thankful to have guided Art through his recovery and guiding his mindset. Art is a champion in many ways and is working his way back stronger than ever.

Jason P Copy View Testimonial

Jason P.

Jason's journey toward health and wellness has been nothing short of inspiring. His story celebrates resilience, determination, and the power of lifestyle changes.

Dan R. 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dan R.

As an Olympic weightlifter, Dan came to WAG for some extra guidance around weight management so he could maintain his competitive edge.

Gareth A Copy View Testimonial

Gareth A.

I’ve been doing this thing I call “fitness” for a long time now, and following WAG’s process has had the biggest impact both mentally and physically. I was in this to change my body composition, bu...

Chris R 1 Copy View Testimonial

Chris R.

Chris and I have been working for a few years now and I have been so impressed by his hard work and success the entire time. Chris has made WAG work for him, and it shows!! 

Alexander S View Testimonial

Alexander S.

After three months of consistent training and following the macros provided by my coach, I increased my muscle mass and got my body fat percentage to 9%. My energy level improved in CrossFit, and m...

Jeffrey H View Testimonial

Jeffrey H.

Jeff came to us with the goal of shedding fat and gaining muscle — a recomposition. While this can be a slow process, it’s certainly not impossible. We laid out a plan and got clear on expectations...

Michael F View Testimonial

Michael F.

I've worked with Mike for a little over two years, and his progress has been nothing short of outstanding.

Adam Zdroik View Testimonial

Adam Z

After two months of work, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life at 37. It is eye-opening to see how my body reacted in such a short amount of time. I like being consistent with macros and se...

Alex G View Testimonial

Alex G

In addition to nutrition coaching, Lex helped me set realistic expectations and taught me to be less self-critical. I'll certainly carry this wisdom forward and am forever grateful. In general, I'v...

Alexander Hauser View Testimonial

Alexander Hauser

I have hit several PRs over the past 6 months and I’m finding myself performing more efficiently than ever at the gym. I can’t say enough about Brittany and her guidance and support, it truly helpe...