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WAG Client Testimonials

Kate Austin Copy View Testimonial

Kate A.

All of that effort, hard work, and willingness to be patient led Kate to where she is now! We have been able to tighten up her body composition AND excel in the gym. Win-win!

Carly A. Copy View Testimonial

Carly A.

Joining WAG was the best. It has been so helpful in teaching me about how to eat and fuel, but more importantly has changed the way I think about food.

Stephanie S Copy View Testimonial

Stephanie S.

I still have a lot of work to do and a lot more I want to accomplish, but I'm so excited about how far I've come. 

Olivia C. Copy View Testimonial

Olivia C.

Proof that any diet can work; the diet just has to fit your lifestyle! 

Haley T. 1 Copy View Testimonial

Haley T.

Haley’s journey has not been a walk in the park. She has gone through job changes, a move across the country, illnesses, navigating life as a first-time-mom of a newborn, and so much more! Over tim...

Michelle DJ 1 Copy View Testimonial

Michelle D.

Michelle wanted to get back to the 15-17% body fat range after having her baby. We got there and more! She went from 21.9% body fat to 14% body fat! Now we are working on learning what maintaining...

Jessica E 1 Copy View Testimonial

Jessica E.

Jessica achieved ~19lbs of fat loss during our time together with goals to continue prioritizing her nutrition and looking forward to some 5k’s, 10k’s, and maybe even a 1/2 marathon in the Fall!

Kate M. Copy View Testimonial

Kate M.

This is Kate's success after only 6 months - 15lbs loss, and NEVER has been concerned with the scale. She just eats healthy, eats consistently, works out 3-4 times a week, and sleeps a consistent a...

Dan R. 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dan R.

As an Olympic weightlifter, Dan came to WAG for some extra guidance around weight management so he could maintain his competitive edge.

Lacy C Copy View Testimonial

Lacy C.

Lacy has shed over 20 pounds over the last year and half, but gained so much more! She has gained so many tools and a level of confidence that really shines in her everyday life.

Dani P 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dani P.

When Dani first came to WAG she had the goal of losing 25-30 pounds and gaining strength back after having her two kids. She has not only exceeded both of those goals, but she’s gained a ton of con...

Amber B Copy View Testimonial

Amber B.

Amber’s journey is a great example of how you can work with the same coach through a number of life changes. As you can see, none of that has stopped her from making progress!

Gareth A Copy View Testimonial

Gareth A.

I’ve been doing this thing I call “fitness” for a long time now, and following WAG’s process has had the biggest impact both mentally and physically. I was in this to change my body composition, bu...

Marina M Copy View Testimonial

Marina M.

I’ve been on and off diets since I was in my teens and I’d like to get to a healthier place with my nutrition. So far I’ve really enjoyed the process of macro counting, I can’t believe it’s already...

Mateam Copy View Testimonial

Matea M.

Matea has shown me that athleticism isn’t something you only find inside a gym, and nutrition/fueling matters in ALL sports - even when you are teamed up with a horse :)