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WAG Client Testimonials

Emma S View Testimonial

Emma S.

I could not recommend this program more. Working with a coach 1:1 has been super helpful. The thing WAG has taught me the most is consistency and balance over perfection. The one constant in my lif...

Christina Maxwell View Testimonial

Christina Maxwell

All of the hard work over the last 2.5 years really paid off and I just felt so proud of myself. None of this would have been possible without WAG giving me the tools to transform my life.

Sam Solly.jpg View Testimonial

Sam Solly

Counting macros has truly shown me how easy it is to have balance, enjoy foods I love, and also still work towards my health and fitness goals. I have built some great habits through WAG and have c...

Allison Paley.jpg View Testimonial

Allison Paley

It has been 2 months since graduating the program and I have been able to keep the weight off and continue with my lifestyle because I was taught and trained on how to care for my body and adjust m...

Amanda Fischer.jpg View Testimonial

Amanda Fischer

My coach has been an amazing support not only with nutrition but with mindset, stress reduction, sleep, & overall health & wellness. I am so incredibly thankful for the support, love, & encourageme...

Sarah Lengfield.jpg View Testimonial

Sarah Lengfield

It’s been such an amazing and fun journey learning to be so in tune with my body. It’s a great feeling to be confident in how I’m fueling my body for my personal goals and lifestyle while also bein...

Alaina Puckett.jpg View Testimonial

Alaina Puckett

It’s obvious that everyone at WAG is in your corner and wants you to succeed for YOU, your goals, and your overall health, not for their business.

April Lutz.jpg View Testimonial

April Lutz

I've made so much progress through this journey physically and mentally. I feel so much more confident and proud of how far I've come. I'm so grateful for my coach and the WAG community. I couldn't...

Cristina Q.jpg View Testimonial

Cristina Q.

I am now 6 months in and for the first time in my life feel that this progress will actually be sustainable due to the habits and skills I have built progressively over time. I couldn't have done i...

Stephanie Zucker.jpg View Testimonial

Stephanie Zucker

WAG helped me fuel my body for performance but also gave me the freedom to be human and eat things I enjoy when I want to. I am a completely different person/athlete than when I started over 2 year...

Bo Buser.jpg View Testimonial

Bo Buser

WAG has been exactly what I needed. The accountability that my coach provided plus the flexibility of the program got me the results I wanted to see in about 2 months... when I had tried other prog...

Rose O View Testimonial

Rose O.

Working with my coach at WAG has genuinely changed my life! It's been a journey that I'm forever grateful for, and for two reasons: I have changed physically and mentally for the better, and I cann...

Annette Burlison.jpg View Testimonial

Annette Burlison

I very much enjoyed this program. My coach worked really well with me when making adjustments and offered a lot of wisdom throughout the process.

Bekah Foy.jpg View Testimonial

Bekah Foy

WAG has been life changing. This journey has not been easy, but it has been oh so rewarding. I couldn’t have made it this far without the accountability of my coach and her support!

Michelle Sanchez.jpg View Testimonial

Michelle Sanchez

The whole process has been much different to any kind of diet I had done in the past. For the first time in my life I feel happy about the way I look while still being able to enjoy food without fe...