WAG has been a literal life changing experience for me

— Jeffrey Klam


lose weight/ lean out while gaining muscle definition

WAG has been a literal life changing experience for me. I've done the whole 30, paleo lifestyle in past but felt so restricted that it was unsustainable for me. With WAG I can work in the occasional Whataburger or bowl of captain crunch, I just need to plan. WAG has not been easy, I've had days/meals where I went off the rails but made sure to get back on as quick as possible. I'm eating balanced, have more energy working out and have learned a lot about nutrition.

I'm down 47 pounds in 9 months and am almost through my cutting phase, every day I'm in the best shape of my life. I joined after my wife was two months in and seeing great results. We've had other good friends start counting macros and that's helped a lot. Couldn't have been this successful without the support of my wife Sia, Rob/Sandra and everybody at CrossFit West Houston, Paul(s), and of course, Josh at WAG. Josh has been great through this entire process and that one on one I get makes all the difference. He has answered my questions, inspired me on the down days and adds another level of accountability.

Thank you Josh, Adee and all of WAG. Excited to see what I can do in next 3 months!!!

  • frequent exerciser
  • male
  • 30-39
  • parent

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