WAG Online Nutrition Counseling and Consultations

WAG Nutrition Counseling

Optimize your nutrition without the monthly commitment.

Custom Macros from a WAG Nutrition Counselor

Fill out an in-depth questionnaire to tell us more about your body, goals, training, food preferences, and more. An experienced WAG Coach will prescribe customized macros based on what you share.

30-Minute Video Counseling Call

Hop on a 30-minute video call with your coach. They’ll provide dietary guidance, goal-setting assistance, and answer any questions you have. After your call, your coach will provide an email summary with a recap and helpful reminders.

One-Time, No Commitment

If you don’t want or need a monthly coaching commitment, a nutrition counseling session is for you! This is a one-time call with no commitment to join 1-on-1 coaching.

Get Reimbursed if You Join WAG

If you decide that monthly coaching is the best next step for you, apply the price of your session to your first month with a 1-on-1 Working Against Gravity nutrition coach.

WAG Nutrition Counseling

What to Expect When You Sign up for a Counseling Session

Get a taste of WAG without the monthly commitment—you’ll leave your counseling session with actionable steps for a healthier future.

  • Immediately Upon Purchase

    Receive an email with a link to our questionnaire—share your past dieting experience, goals, training, body metrics, food preferences, schedule, and more. We’ll also ask about your time zone and preferred meeting times.

  • 24-Hours After Questionnaire Submission

    Within one business day of your questionnaire submission, we’ll use the information you share to match you with the best coach based on your goals and schedule preferences. Then, your coach will send you a Calendly link—just choose the most convenient meeting time based on your schedule!

  • Meet With Your Nutrition Counselor!

    Spend 30 minutes with an experienced WAG Nutrition Coach discussing your custom macro prescription and the next steps needed to reach your goals. Ask questions and receive real-time feedback and suggestions.

  • 24-Hours After Your Call

    You’ll receive a call summary within one business day, which includes information on how to redeem your coaching membership discount if you choose to continue working with your coach

“It was great being able to discuss topics in real time. Sometimes, it’s easier to communicate points when you’re face to face.”

“She helped me come up with a plan and walked me through the challenges I have for my fitness goals and come up with solutions.”

“She was pleasant and offered great suggestions to help keep me on track - very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.”

“I feel like it really personalized the experience and drives my accountability because I'm reporting to a real person, not just an app/email.”

“Amy was informative, gave good guidance, and was patient with my questions.”

“Thought this call was super helpful and productive... Also found this call to be motivating because it felt more personal since I could meet with a coach face-to-face.”

“I needed some “face-to-face” encouragement… I believe verbal communication is much more succinct, and I am able to more effectively communicate my goals/questions.”

Is a Nutrition Counseling Session Right for Me?

Review the boxes below that apply to you to help you decide which product will best help you reach your goals.

or Learn More About 1-on-1 Coaching

Nutrition Counseling may be for me if:

  • I have macro-tracking or general nutrition experience
  • I can typically stick to a plan
  • I like learning and experimenting solo
  • I want a one-time touch point to find out the best macros for my body and goals
  • I’ve been wondering what it is like to have a WAG Coach, but don’t feel ready to commit to a monthly membership

Nutrition Counseling may not be for me if:

  • I’m newer to macro tracking and nutrition
  • I rely primarily on motivation and find myself setting the same goals over and over again
  • I have a specific goal I need to reach in a short timeframe
  • I require regular accountability to stick with a goal or habit
  • I like having someone in my corner who can answer questions and regularly adjust my program if it isn’t working for me


We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding Online Nutrition Counseling.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.


Yes—In your Initial WAG Questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to request a coach. Here, you can indicate that you’d like to work with the same person who conducted your session.

Don’t forget—If you decide to join WAG, you can apply the cost of your nutrition counseling session to your first month.

Our one-time calls are 30 minutes long. You can schedule multiple counseling sessions or learn more about regular video calls with our Nutrition Coaching Plus Program HERE.

You are welcome to meet with your video off, or you and your coach can speak over the phone. You'll get a chance to let us know how you'd prefer to meet when you book your call in Calendly.

Life happens; we get it! If you’re more than five minutes late for your call, your coach will send a follow-up email with a link to reschedule. Additional no-shows will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

After we assign your coach, you’ll receive an email with their Calendly link. Just pick the best time based on your schedule. You will meet with your coach over Zoom, Google Meet, or over the phone!

After you purchase your call, you’ll be immediately directed to our intake questionnaire. We’ll match you with the best coach for you based on your answers—we take both coach specialty and call availability into account.