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WAG Client Testimonials

Michael Kern View Testimonial

Michael Kern

I have tried different things to try to get back to a healthy weight since getting out of the military. When you see success stories you think "photoshop" or "that wouldn't work for me". I felt the...

Paul Ponzeka View Testimonial

Paul P.

The program has been great. I love how the coach sets your macro's in Seismic and it integrates with MyFitnessPal. The rolling average that it keeps for weight loss/gain has also been incredibly he...

Christina Roberts Mari View Testimonial

Mari R.

Working with my WAG coach has been such a blessing. I had worked with other people to help me with weight loss and I was just not seeing any progress. It is important for me to cut down weight as I...

Rose K (1) View Testimonial

Rose K.

It takes time, and I'll always be a work in progress, but working with WAG has completely changed my relationship with food, and the habit-building has empowered me not only in my health and fitnes...

Jaala Shaw View Testimonial

Jaala Shaw

Now, at 41 freaking years old (!), I'm using weights in workouts that were once my 1-rep maxes, and not struggling. I'm actually getting stronger whereas before I thought I was on this long decline...

Becca Lawrence View Testimonial

Becca Lawrence

I can confidently say that I’m leaving this program equipped with the proper tools and knowledge that I have learned from WAG to continue to live and maintain a much healthier and happier lifestyle!

Default Avatar View Testimonial

Rachel G.

The most important take away is that I actually like myself for the first time in my life which is THE best feeling. I can't thank the WAG team enough.

Madelyn Warren (1) View Testimonial

Madelyn Warren

WAG is a program that is quite different to anything else I have tried. I seriously cannot thank my coach enough for the endless support she has had for me over the last year, she has helped me bec...

Rose O View Testimonial

Rose O.

Working with my coach at WAG has genuinely changed my life! It's been a journey that I'm forever grateful for, and for two reasons: I have changed physically and mentally for the better, and I cann...

Kelly Musgrave.jpg View Testimonial

Kelly Musgrave

With the guidance of my coach, I’ve been able to maintain the milk supply for my baby while losing weight. I’m so happy I’ve continued to work with WAG and have built a foundation of healthy nutrit...

Cristina Q.jpg View Testimonial

Cristina Q.

I am now 6 months in and for the first time in my life feel that this progress will actually be sustainable due to the habits and skills I have built progressively over time. I couldn't have done i...

Emily Maas.jpg View Testimonial

Emily M.

The WAG program really helped facilitate a healthier lifestyle through accountability. I always had the feeling this was from a place of knowledge, experience, and encouragement.

Bo Buser.jpg View Testimonial

Bo Buser

WAG has been exactly what I needed. The accountability that my coach provided plus the flexibility of the program got me the results I wanted to see in about 2 months... when I had tried other prog...

Nikki Houghton View Testimonial

Nikki Houghton

WAG has taught me how to reach my goals while still having a life. I never felt like I was missing out on anything and I am so proud of the progress I made both physically and mentally.

Sam Solly.jpg View Testimonial

Sam Solly

Counting macros has truly shown me how easy it is to have balance, enjoy foods I love, and also still work towards my health and fitness goals. I have built some great habits through WAG and have c...