Dan R.


From Coach Amy Locati: 

Dan and I have been working together for nearly a year now! As an Olympic weightlifter, he came to WAG for some extra guidance around weight management so he could maintain his competitive edge. Dan had a few obstacles thrown his way this past year, including a recurring injury that he thought might take him out of the sport completely. As his nutrition coach I admired his grit and patience. He never gave up on himself or quit the program just because unforeseen circumstances popped up. There were some really hard weeks, but I could tell he knew full well that he couldn’t support healing or well-being without proper nutrition in place. He trusted the plan and trusted me - anything I suggested he was open to trying it. I’m happy to report that he went 6/6 in his last meet; his first time back on the platform in 11 months! There is more to come next month when he competes in the American Open Finals and no matter how it turns out, I am just excited to be part of the team supporting him.