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WAG Client Testimonials

Jason P Copy View Testimonial

Jason P.

Jason's journey toward health and wellness has been nothing short of inspiring. His story celebrates resilience, determination, and the power of lifestyle changes.

Jessica E 1 Copy View Testimonial

Jessica E.

Jessica achieved ~19lbs of fat loss during our time together with goals to continue prioritizing her nutrition and looking forward to some 5k’s, 10k’s, and maybe even a 1/2 marathon in the Fall!

Kate M. Copy View Testimonial

Kate M.

This is Kate's success after only 6 months - 15lbs loss, and NEVER has been concerned with the scale. She just eats healthy, eats consistently, works out 3-4 times a week, and sleeps a consistent a...

Dan R. 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dan R.

As an Olympic weightlifter, Dan came to WAG for some extra guidance around weight management so he could maintain his competitive edge.

Juliana M. Copy View Testimonial

Juliana M.

What makes Juliana’s journey exceptional is her hard work. She commits to being as consistent as she possibly can even while traveling, socializing, and enjoying the city she lives in.

Lacy C Copy View Testimonial

Lacy C.

Lacy has shed over 20 pounds over the last year and half, but gained so much more! She has gained so many tools and a level of confidence that really shines in her everyday life.

Veronica P Copy View Testimonial

Veronica P.

Veronica continues to be a rock star!! She knows what needs to be done, and she does it! Through that hard work and determination, she has been able to achieve great success.

Rhondab Copy View Testimonial

Rhonda B.

My time with you has been amazing! I've had nutrition coaches before and NEVER have I gotten the amount of help and quality of coaching I got from you.

Mateam Copy View Testimonial

Matea M.

Matea has shown me that athleticism isn’t something you only find inside a gym, and nutrition/fueling matters in ALL sports - even when you are teamed up with a horse :)

Jeffrey H View Testimonial

Jeffrey H.

Jeff came to us with the goal of shedding fat and gaining muscle — a recomposition. While this can be a slow process, it’s certainly not impossible. We laid out a plan and got clear on expectations...

WAG Testimonial Transformation View Testimonial

Kristine G.

My amazing WAG coach Brittany provided me the tools, guidance, and push to lose another 50 pounds, and by Summer 2018 at the age of 37, I was the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life.

Michael F View Testimonial

Michael F.

I've worked with Mike for a little over two years, and his progress has been nothing short of outstanding.

Courtneeb View Testimonial

Courtnee B.

I feel like a completely different person. I feel great at the gym and got back so many skills just from fueling my body right.

Russ Monzon View Testimonial

Russ Monzon

Chris’ straightforward, honest, and kind approach to coaching made it feel like I was checking in with a buddy each week. I recommend tracking macros to anyone who asks for advice on weight loss, b...

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Jamie Moreno

This program allowed me to be open with my struggles with nutrition and have a person to provide consistent wisdom and knowledge to help me grow on my health journey. I would recommend WAG to anyon...