My goal was to lose my baby weight and use my maternity leave to develop better eating habits and get into great shape.

I've lost my baby weight and more! I'm down over 20 pounds and have also gained more muscle mass!


WAG has been fantastic in keeping me accountable. Being home with a baby means that I don't have a regular schedule, which previously would have meant snacking rather than eating proper meals and not focusing on nutrition. With WAG, I've been able to use my time to prep meals properly, be conscious of what I am eating and when, and begun to look at food as fuel. Rather than going on a binge diet to lose my baby weight, I've slowly but consistently made progress and gotten farther than I could have on my own.

My coach has been awesome in helping look at the positives every week and focuses on a wider range of goals than just what the scale said. I also have a great support system at home, which has allowed me to spend lots of time in the gym. Changes to my diet have made a huge difference and I've PR'd just about every lift, as well as gotten difficult skills like double unders and toes to bar! I'm excited by my progress, and also thankful that I will have a support system in place when I do go back to work to help me navigate the changes.

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