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Spanakopita Beef Pie.jpg
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Spanakopita Beef Pie

Protein: 42g | Carbs: 8g | Fat: 7g
Calories: 263

Traditionally, spanakopita is an egg-based pie encased in a savory pastry. Kind of like quiche or frittata, but what gives spanakopita its name is its delicious spinach and feta filling.

Mustard and Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin.jpg
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Mustard & Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Protein: 38g | Carbs: 4g | Fat: 12g
Calories: 276

Tired of chicken breast? Change it up with pork tenderloin, an exceptionally lean cut of meat that’s also easy on the wallet.

High-Fiber Morning Glory Bran Muffns.jpg
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High Fiber Morning Glory Bran Muffins

Protein: 4g | Carbs: 25g | Fat: 4g
Calories: 152

In these uncertain times, it can be difficult to find comfort foods that also fit your macros, but our high-fiber morning glory bran muffins are up for the challenge.

Ginger-Lime Fried Rice With Bok Choy and Mushrooms.jpg
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Ginger-Lime Fried Rice With Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Protein: 8g | Carbs: 44g | Fat: 8g
Calories: 280

Fried rice is the ultimate dish when it comes to versatility and ease. Made with leftover rice and whatever veggies you have on hand, you’ll be able to adapt it to whatever ingredients you’ve got around the kitchen.

Crispy Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings.jpg
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Keto-Friendly Crispy Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

Protein: 42g | Carbs: 1g | Fat: 36g
Calories: 496

Yes, you can get crispy buffalo wings without going near a deep fryer or adding a drop of oil. The secret is baking powder and salt, which pull moisture away from the chicken skin while it’s cooking and result in restaurant-style wings.

Cheesy Salsa Roja Smothered Chicken.jpg
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Cheesy Salsa Smothered Chicken

Protein: 48g | Carbs: 11g | Fat: 6g
Calories: 290

Lean chicken breasts. Spicy salsa. Gooey cheese. What more do you need in an easy weeknight meal?

Sriracha Turkey Burgers.jpg
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Sriracha Turkey Burgers

Protein: 24g | Carbs: 4g | Fat: 6g
Calories: 166

Never settle for a dry, hockey-puck turkey patty again! Our sriracha turkey burger patties are dripping with tenderness and packed with flavor thanks to sriracha hot sauce, fresh ginger and lots of lime zest.

One Pan Baked Chicken and Rice.jpg
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One Pan Baked Garlic Chicken & Rice

Protein: 21g | Carbs: 30g | Fat: 5g
Calories: 249

One baking pan and a little time is all you need to get our baked chicken and rice on the table. In order to get big flavor without dirtying up multiple pans, we let the onions and garlic cook in the oven before adding the rice and chicken.

Ground Lean Turkey With Cranberries and Herbs.jpg
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Ground Lean Turkey With Cranberries & Herbs

Protein: 27g | Carbs: 5g | Fat: 11g
Calories: 227

Ground turkey may be great for meal prep, but it’s not exactly big on flavor. However, you can transform boring ol’ ground turkey into a flavor-packed protein that will invoke holiday cheer any time of year.

Farro Risotto With Parmesean and Veggies.jpg
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Farro Risotto With Parmesean and Veggies

Protein: 17g | Carbs: 57g | Fat: 9g
Calories: 377

This creamy, cheesy farro risotto is perfect for those of you who like to experiment in the kitchen. Hearty farro gives this dish a satisfying chew that holds up nutty Parmesan while the veggies bulk up the dish and provide lots of fiber.

Sweet Potato Turkey Chili.jpg
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Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Protein: 36g | Carbs: 14g | Fat: 5g
Calories: 245

When cozy fall nights call for a hearty macro-friendly meal, look no further than this easy sweet potato turkey chili.