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5 Minute Egg Sandwich

Protein: 15g | Carbs: 27g | Fat: 10g
Calories: 258

Think you can’t have a hot, cheesy breakfast sandwich ready from start to finish in less than five minutes? Think again.

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Roasted Vegetable and Cream Cheese Roll

Protein: 10g | Carbs: 47g | Fat: 7g
Calories: 291

This recipe is inspired by the leftover squash and zucchini from the week, any other random vegetables that I need to use up and my desire to get as much fiber in my diet as possible!

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Egg Salad Sandwich

Protein: 12g | Carbs: 32g | Fat: 0g
Calories: 176

Why do you need this Egg Salad Sandwich in your life? Because compared to regular egg salad, it has 0 fat, 100% flavor and will fit easily into any macros.

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Waffle Grilled Cheese

Protein: 13g | Carbs: 43g | Fat: 4g
Calories: 260

A grilled cheese sandwich that doesn’t eat up all your macros!