This week, Josh is joined by special co-host Brittany for an interview with her client, Kristina Alcorn, whom she has been working with for over six years. Under Brittany's guidance, Kristina achieved significant weight loss and made substantial improvements in her overall health and relationship with food.

Just before the onset of COVID-19, Kristina received the diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. Throughout this challenging period, she remained with WAG, navigating the storm of chemotherapy, radiation, and all the associated challenges. Together, they continued to focus on sustainable nutrition and did their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, Kristina is thriving, back to participating in CrossFit and obstacle course racing (OCR).

This past September, Brittany and Kristina had the opportunity to team up in person and conquer a 10k Obstacle Course Race. Join us to hear about Kristina's incredibly inspiring journey and discover how Brittany believes she may have learned as much from Kristina as Kristina has from her.

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