In today's episode, join us for an engaging discussion with Jess Carr and Betsy Jones from The MINT Prjct as we delve into nutrition and mindset during pregnancy and postpartum phases. Learn how to nurture your body and mindset for a healthier, happier pregnancy and beyond.

But that's not all – we're thrilled to share some exciting news! Tune in as we announce our exciting partnership with The MINT Prjct, bringing you even more resources and support in your wellness journey - as well as some discount codes to save some money on training! 

The MINT Prjct’s mission is to elevate trainers into professionals who specialize in supporting and guiding pregnant and postpartum women to heal, grow, and be the happiest version of themselves and to provide programs that make exercise for pregnant and postpartum women safe, effective, and attainable.

Discount Codes for The MINT Prjct’s programs:

  • WAGPREGNANCY20 (full pregnancy program)

  • WAGPP20 (postpartum program)

  • WAGSC20 (mom strong strength & conditioning program - 20% off first 3 months of programming)

Save $50 off your first month of 1:1 nutrition coaching using the code ‘INSIDEWAG’ at checkout.


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