The WAG Podcast

With Adee & Michael Cazayoux

Michael and Adee Cazayoux dive into every facet of health, wellness and personal development in this podcast by Working Against Gravity. The WAG Podcast takes a unique approach to self development by connecting the dots between nutrition, mindset, stress and relationships through relatable stories and providing you with actionable steps that you can take today.

Podcast Episodes

Flexible Dieting Tips

Moving Past Limitations: 3 Common Nutrition Myths and How to Reframe Them

On today’s episode of the WAG podcast, Adee and Michael call out three of the most pervasive nutrition myths and limiting beliefs...

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How to Overcome Insecurity and Develop a Healthy Humility

Michael and Adee discuss how messages we pick up in childhood can be passed down for generations and shape how we view the world,...

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Flexible Dieting Tips

Toppling the Lead Domino: Creating Keystone Habits

This week on the WAG podcast, Adee and Michael challenge you to create your own keystone habits and stick with them, and they offer...

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