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1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching

Change your relationship with food and maintain results for a lifetime.

Our experienced nutrition coaches work with you to build, monitor, and adjust a nutrition program based on your body and lifestyle. We'll help you reach and maintain your health, fitness, and body composition goals without giving up the foods you love.

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Image: Alex Oskian | WAG Coach and RDN

Working Against Gravity was founded in 2014, making us one of the first on the macro tracking and flexible dieting scenes. Since then, we have worked with over 30,000 people—from elite athletes to members new to nutrition and training—to help them reach their body composition and health goals.

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Image: Josh and Jessica Holton | WAG Coaches

At WAG Nutrition, we focus on getting to know the whole you—your goals, routines, preferences, day-to-day, family circumstances, and unique body—to help you build sustainable habits you can trust and adapt to any circumstance life throws your way.

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We believe that tracking macros is a spectacular way to build knowledge and awareness around food. Through weekly check-ins and unlimited messages, we’ll help you build this confidence and encourage you to find the balance that allows you to feel proud in your skin and in your nutrition choices while living a life you love.

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The WAG Nutrition Process


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Tell us about you and get paired with your personal Nutrition Coach


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Receive starting macro prescription and track progress with the Seismic Coaching App


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Check-in with your coach weekly for accountability, adjustments and tailored feedback


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Experience transformative changes in your body, habits, confidence and food choices

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Nutrition Coaching Essentials

With our one-on-one nutrition program, you'll get coached into the best shape of your life so you love what you see in the mirror and how you perform in the gym.

$199Billed month to month, option to cancel after 3 billing cycles

Nutrition Coaching Plus

Everything included in our Nutrition Coaching Essentials program plus more connection and support from your coach with a personalized meal plan and monthly video calls.

$79One-time Payment

Flexible Dieting Crash Course

In this interactive four-week course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of macro tracking and basic nutrition science, get personalized targets from a WAG Coach, and build the habits you need to sustain your results.

$65 and up | Monthly Subscription

For Nutrition Coaches

Learn about our all-in-one coaching platform to serve your clients and grow your business.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

These 3-Phase Meal Plans are written by Dietitians on the WAG staff. They’ll help you learn what foods help you reach your goals and keep your choices quick and easy as you lose weight. Your plan includes:

  • Three meal plans based on your gender and starting weight—each with a new calorie intake, set of macros, and list of meals based on your weight loss progress
  • A how-to guide that walks you through every step of your three-phase plan, when to move from one cutting phase to the next, and how to measure progress accurately along the way
  • Expansive food lists to help you build food awareness and make swaps based on your personal preferences
  • The WAG Nutrition Guide Ebook to help get you started and dig deeper into the world of macros and nutrition
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The aim of our Mighty Networks community is to create a place where like-minded people can connect, grow their nutrition knowledge, and have a bit of fun! When you join you’ll get access to:

  • Blog posts and podcasts to help you navigate your nutrition journey
  • Exclusive posts from WAG coaches sharing their top health & nutrition tips
  • Special promotions on WAG products and services
  • Interviews with the coaches. Get to know the people behind the brand
  • Much more!
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Join WAG Coaches Chris and Josh as they take a unique approach to self-development and health. Through personal and relatable insights from WAG coaches (and special guests) they'll help you connect the dots between nutrition and mindset so you can achieve noticeable and sustainable results.

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Looking to Become a WAG Certified Nutrition Coach?

Become an expert in nutrition science and master the art of coaching with our AFAA and NASM-approved certification program.

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Macro Calculator Cheat Sheet

Steal our secret sauce! We’ll walk you through determining your personalized macro needs for weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

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Nutrition Guide

From macro tracking to meal timing and everything in between, learn how to utilize flexible dieting strategies to reach your goals.

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Ultimate Travel Nutrition Guide

Getting out of your routine doesn't have to put a damper on your nutrition goals. Our Travel Nutrition Guide will help you snack, sip, and sweat confidently when you're on the road, at a resort, or anywhere in between.

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