The Best Macro Friendly “Buffalo Chicken”

In a quest to make chicken breast more exciting, I stumbled across this easy mustard + sriracha marinade that has 0 macros, tastes exactly like Buffalo chicken, makes the chicken tender and is amazingly versatile. Try it: Served with grilled vegetables In a salad On a sandwich/wrap On a low-carb pizza On skewers at your next barbeque


  • 1 chicken breast (250 g)
  • 50-80 g Mustard
  • Sriracha or hot sauce to taste - I like it spicy!
  • Optional: Some stores sell Sriracha mustard!


  1. Mix mustard and sriracha/hot sauce in a dish.
  2. Add chicken breast and make sure it's fully lathered in the mustard.
  3. Let it marinate all day and/or all night.
  4. Cook on MEDIUM heat for 10 minutes, rotating regularly so that you don't burn the marinade.
  5. Rest for 5-10 minutes and serve!
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