Michael F.


From Coach Josh Holton:

I've worked with Mike for a little over two years, and his progress has been nothing short of outstanding. We have been through cutting phases, maintenance phases, muscle gain phases, breaks, vacations, you name it and we have been through it!

Between these two pictures, there is only a 2lbs difference. Within these years together, we have successfully lost 15lbs of fat and brought back 10-12lbs of muscle, maintaining a lean and tight physique the entire time, and seeing strength numbers continue to improve during our muscle gain phases, and his aerobic capacity improve during his cutting and maintenance phases.

Mike worked hard in the beginning (and still does) to understand what he needed to do to achieve his initial goal, and took action. From there, we devised plans together, kept in constant contact (he has never missed a check in outside of a vacation, which was planned), and been extremely consistent. I couldnt be more happy to see someone who works so hard succeed so much. Mike is the man. If you want to be awesome like Mike, lets go! Sign up today and lets get to work.