Jason P.


From Coach Brittany Werner:

I am excited to shine the spotlight on one of my remarkable clients, Jason, whose journey toward health and wellness has been nothing short of inspiring. Facing the challenges of not just one but two total knee replacements, Jason's determination and commitment to his health have been truly remarkable.

Jason shows up and checks in every week. Some weeks are great, some are not, but he shows up. That's the secret behind his successful fifty-plus-pound weight loss and speedy return to CrossFit after his total knee replacement last year.

Understanding the importance of nutrition in supporting his fitness journey and overall well-being, Jason has embraced a realistic and balanced approach to eating. Together, we have worked on creating a nutrition plan tailored to his needs, ensuring he receives the necessary nutrients to support his recovery and sustain his energy levels.

Jason's story celebrates resilience, determination, and the power of lifestyle changes. As he prepares for knee surgery number two in a few weeks, his dedication to fitness and a mindful approach to nutrition inspires everyone facing challenges. I'm so proud to highlight Jason's journey, and I know we're only getting started!