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WAG Client Testimonials

Melissa Bennett View Testimonial

Melissa Bennett

I honestly could not have accomplished my goal without WAG and my coach. The results were incredible! I feel strong and look amazing!

Aimee T View Testimonial

Aimee T.

WAG is not a diet but a program that can be maintained for a lifetime. I love this new version of me and I can’t thank my coach and WAG enough for guiding me to a healthy lifestyle.

Doreen P View Testimonial

Doreen P.

The focus on the entire person and how mindfulness focused nutrition can fit into your life was key for me. I loved that the program focuses on the person as a whole (sleep, mental health, stress l...

Chance Howell.jpg View Testimonial

Chance H

The WAG program has been exactly what I hoped it would be and more. I wanted to start and learn techniques that I could use for the rest of my life - that's what WAG is all about.

Darlene Thomas.jpg View Testimonial

Darlene Thomas

I absolutely love it and my life has been forever changed. I’ve never felt so good about me and I have more confidence than I ever have in my life.

Heather Mursch_front.jpg View Testimonial

Heather Mursch

It really works if you follow the program! My coach has really worked with me and MY body. He listened to my concerns and we worked with them - I really appreciate that the most!

Lisa Horst.png View Testimonial

Lisa Horst

My coach gave me the grace that I never did and allowed me to work through the emotion that kept me from caring about my nutrition. The flexibility along with a dedicated coach, resources, and comm...

Jennifer Wylie.jpg View Testimonial

Jenn Wylie

The WAG program is fantastic. The greatest thing has been what I've learned is how to eat well on the road and more importantly, I've learned how to be kind to myself.

Christian Werner.jpg View Testimonial

Christian Werner

I've also really appreciated my relationship with my coach. We've really connected and he's pushed me well beyond my initial goals. My energy and activity levels are greater than ever, and friends...

Theresa Lyons.jpg View Testimonial

Theresa Lyons

WAG has been a great program. Knowing what my body needs in terms of macros has been crucial to me. I feel fantastic!

Sarah Sly.jpg View Testimonial

Sarah Sly

My coach has been so supportive and always has information and resources for me. The wealth and depth of knowledge within the WAG community is fantastic, the attitude of support and positivity and...

Pepper D.jpg View Testimonial

Pepper D.

I have lost 27 lbs and feel great in my clothes! My performance in the gym has gotten better, I am a regular person who just wants to feel good about myself and be strong and fit throughout life. I...

Allison Burgess.jpg View Testimonial

Ally B.

I am so happy I committed to using a coach, and am even considering completing the WAG nutrition training myself because I have had such a great experience!

Bart Bischoff.jpg View Testimonial

Bart Bischoff

Joining WAG has been a life changing experience significantly improving my overall health. I am fitter then I’ve even been, have more energy, a positive mindset, and my blood sugar levels are the s...

David Harris.jpg View Testimonial

David Harris

I can honestly say that I believe WAG saved my life. It's not easy and I regularly have episodes of self doubt and self loathing but thanks to my WAG coach I keep on top of things.