George H.


This is my second go-around with WAG.  The first time I started WAG my goal was strictly weight loss.  I had tried a number of things but in hindsight, those things were not manageable or sustainable.  With WAG’s help I hit my 50lb weight loss goal and maintained it for four years.  After having lived outside of WAG for a few years I felt like it was time for a tune-up.  I had gained some weight and was feeling a little “off” with my workouts and inside my own skin.  So I set out to lose some more weight, change my body composition, and improve my fitness.


Boy does WAG work!  The reason I came back was because I had such success the first time. Initially, I went from 270 lbs down to 220 lbs and held it there for four years; the methodology and programming to get there made sense.  So when the lockdowns hit and we were all giving ourselves a little “space and grace” and I started taking up a little more space I thought it was time for a tune-up.  As an objective goal, I thought it would be nice to get below 210lbs (which would be less than I weighed in high school).  My coach and I discussed the plan and off we went!  It wasn’t long before I was back in the swing of things hitting my numbers and checking in.  In no time I was well below my goal weight and kicking butt in the gym.  Pull-ups became easier, bar muscle-ups were not just a fantasy anymore, handstand push-ups didn‘t seem like a fairy tale, and my work capacity was through the roof - I was giving the young guys a run for their money on a lot of the WODS.  

Now that I hit my weight goal my coach and I have been focusing on body comp changes and performance.  The body comp changes are moving along nicely; I‘ve dropped two pant sizes and a shirt size while maintaining my performance gains.   It’s weird looking back at pictures from 6+ years ago - that person is almost unrecognizable as me.  I don’t think I could have done that type of physical transformation on my own - WAG provided the support and structure to make a huge positive difference in my life.

In addition to the physical changes, I’m mentally in a better place as well.  Working with my coach we talked through some scenarios I was concerned about and developed strategies for success.  Like airports, vacations, boat parties, and nights out with friends - I have done all of those things and employed strategies that have kept me on track with my goals.  

I’ve taken a lot of different paths in my life and I‘m not sure where my path would have taken me had I not started WAG.  What I do know is that choosing the path to join WAG has made all the difference for me.  Looking back on how my life has changed because of WAG is so satisfying - it hasn’t always been easy but damn has it been worth it.  I encourage anyone who is serious about changing their life to give WAG a try - hopefully, they get to look back and revel in their success as well.