Clara Macedo


My goal of joining WAG was to try a different approach with food. I had tracked macros before on my own and done several other forms of nutrition such as the ketogenic diet. However, I found that none of these programs really fit with my goals. Joining WAG, I hoped that the extra support from my coach and community could give me what I'd been missing. I was looking for a program that would supplement the volume of training I was doing, be flexible with my hectic schedule and overall food choices, and meet the aesthetic goals that I have been chasing for so long. I can confidently say that WAG has not only met and continues to meet these goals, but it also gave me so much more then I was expecting.


WAG has fit me like a glove. And by that, I mean that in the years previous to joining WAG I did every nutrition program out there, but none of them have given me the support and success that I have seen in my time with WAG. As a full-time student and Crossfit athlete, WAG has given me the tools to navigate a hectic life without stressing about what's on my plate. I've learned to manage my food more efficiently and be more flexible with what I eat. Having a coach has been amazing and I couldn't thank her enough for the support she gives me in my goals, especially when they feel so out of reach.

To me, WAG isn't a one and done diet, it's a program that teaches you a healthy lifestyle that you will keep with you the rest of your life. I won't track macros forever, but the skills I learned with WAG will be incorporated in my day to day for as long as live. This community is incredible and every day I'm blown away by the support and encouragement I receive. I've never felt better, stronger, or healthier in my life.