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WAG Client Testimonials

Michael Kern View Testimonial

Michael Kern

I have tried different things to try to get back to a healthy weight since getting out of the military. When you see success stories you think "photoshop" or "that wouldn't work for me". I felt the...

Rose K (1) View Testimonial

Rose K.

It takes time, and I'll always be a work in progress, but working with WAG has completely changed my relationship with food, and the habit-building has empowered me not only in my health and fitnes...

Becca Lawrence View Testimonial

Becca Lawrence

I can confidently say that I’m leaving this program equipped with the proper tools and knowledge that I have learned from WAG to continue to live and maintain a much healthier and happier lifestyle!

Default Avatar View Testimonial

Rachel G.

The most important take away is that I actually like myself for the first time in my life which is THE best feeling. I can't thank the WAG team enough.

Emma S View Testimonial

Emma S.

I could not recommend this program more. Working with a coach 1:1 has been super helpful. The thing WAG has taught me the most is consistency and balance over perfection. The one constant in my lif...

Aimee T View Testimonial

Aimee T.

WAG is not a diet but a program that can be maintained for a lifetime. I love this new version of me and I can’t thank my coach and WAG enough for guiding me to a healthy lifestyle.

Sam Solly.jpg View Testimonial

Sam Solly

Counting macros has truly shown me how easy it is to have balance, enjoy foods I love, and also still work towards my health and fitness goals. I have built some great habits through WAG and have c...

Annette Burlison.jpg View Testimonial

Annette Burlison

I very much enjoyed this program. My coach worked really well with me when making adjustments and offered a lot of wisdom throughout the process.

David Harris.jpg View Testimonial

David Harris

I can honestly say that I believe WAG saved my life. It's not easy and I regularly have episodes of self doubt and self loathing but thanks to my WAG coach I keep on top of things.

Tayler Sartin.jpg View Testimonial

Tayler Sartin

I have tried every diet and cleanse out there, and WAG is the only one that has ever worked for me! I have been able to consistently lose weight and gain more and more confidence in my body image a...

Sam Wright.jpg View Testimonial

Sam Wright

I am so much more flexible now and don't restrict myself. I eat SO much more than I used to and my coach has been my biggest supporter and motivator. I am so grateful for this program.

Britney Ortega.jpeg View Testimonial

Britney Ortega

I really don’t think I could have accomplished what I have in the last year without WAG and my coach. I’ve not only gained a healthier relationship with food, I’ve gained so much confidence, knowle...

testimonial_oliviapizano.jpg View Testimonial

Olivia Pizano

I am a better me. I love who I am. I get to enjoy life because it isn't consumed with worry about food and losing weight and trying to become healthy. This is my lifestyle now thanks to WAG.

Candice Roberts.jpg View Testimonial

Candice Roberts

WAG is an amazing program that is designed to create a lifestyle change. It teaches you about portion control, the nutritional value of food as well as an overall health and wellness mindset. It is...

Sarah McMahon.jpeg View Testimonial

Sarah McMahon

My coach is amazing, she’s incredibly supportive and inspirational. The program itself is super easy to use. There’s an accountability factor that helps keeps me on track.