Lose the weight I put on when I started going through early menopause. I also wanted to get faster/stronger in the gym.


Since starting WAG 9 weeks ago, I have lost 14lbs and 5.75 inches.

I'll be honest, I totally freaked out the first few days after I started WAG. I work full time and have two kids that are competitive swimmers and planning meals/weighing food was overwhelming to my already crazy busy life. Coach Dan talked me off the ledge and encouraged me to take it day by day. After a few weeks, I got the hang of planning meals and now it is second nature. I even pack and bring my own food when we travel around Colorado for swim meets. The second hurdle I faced was going out to eat. Once again, Coach Dan gave me some great advice that I've been able to put into action. This past week I went to a concert, attended a friends birthday party and went out to eat for Mother's Day and hit my macros.

Besides the physical changes, my performance, endurance and strength in the gym is better than ever. I am excited to see what the future brings for me and I would absolutely recommend WAG to everyone. It has changed my life!

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