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Chipotle Bean Salad With Plant Based Sausage
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Chipotle Bean Salad With Plant Based Sausage

Protein: 25g | Carbs: 35g | Fat: 9g
Calories: 321

This plant-based sausage recipe will help you hit your protein target. Combined with fiber-rich beans and crunchy cabbage, this will be your new lunch go-to!

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Autumn Corn & Cranberry Salad

Protein: 8g | Carbs: 47g | Fat: 13g
Calories: 337

With fall around the corner, it’s time to tuck into some warm autumn dishes that are as comforting as they are nutritious.

Singles Only Salad Wide No Words.jpg
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Mandarin and Almond Summer Salad

Protein: 10g | Carbs: 26g | Fat: 9g
Calories: 225

A fresh salad that has sweetness, crunchiness and a creamy dressing for under 10 grams of fat? Yes, please! This will be your go-to summer salad, no doubt.

EP11 Fathers Day Israeli Salad.jpg
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WAG Cooking Show: Father’s Day Israeli Salad

Protein: 5g | Carbs: 17g | Fat: 0g
Calories: 88

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day quite like a macro-friendly Israeli salad. This easy to make dish can be spruced up by adding protein of your choice. Enjoy!

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Broccoli Salad

Protein: 31g | Carbs: 35g | Fat: 10g
Calories: 354

Football season is here, which means it’s time to fire up the grill. With a few tweaks, we have taken our favorite side dish and made it macro-friendly for all to enjoy!