Join us for the second installment in Chris's 6-month winter bulking journey! This episode dives into how Chris is staying intentional and disciplined with his training and nutrition to maximize efficacy in this building phase. We'll discuss:

  • Chris's strategies for hitting his protein and carb targets to fuel muscle growth.

  • The noticeable changes he's experiencing in his body composition and gym performance.

  • Expert tips and insights from Coach Josh to help you achieve your own bulking goals.

What to expect in this 6-month podcast series:

  • Follow Chris's Transformation Journey: Witness firsthand the challenges and triumphs Chris encounters as he transforms his physique.

  • Uncover the Secrets of Bulking: Learn the science behind effective bulking and how to optimize your approach for maximum muscle growth.

  • Gain Valuable Insights from both Josh and Chris: Receive expert guidance and practical tips to enhance your bulking journey.

Follow the links below to access two WAG articles to learn more about effective bulking strategies!

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