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WAG Client Testimonials

Larry J. Copy View Testimonial

Larry J.

Larry was the one that put in all the work and showed up even when life was challenging. His progress is proof that you can juggle a lot of things at once.

Jason P Copy View Testimonial

Jason P.

Jason's journey toward health and wellness has been nothing short of inspiring. His story celebrates resilience, determination, and the power of lifestyle changes.

Jessica E 1 Copy View Testimonial

Jessica E.

Jessica achieved ~19lbs of fat loss during our time together with goals to continue prioritizing her nutrition and looking forward to some 5k’s, 10k’s, and maybe even a 1/2 marathon in the Fall!

Kate M. Copy View Testimonial

Kate M.

This is Kate's success after only 6 months - 15lbs loss, and NEVER has been concerned with the scale. She just eats healthy, eats consistently, works out 3-4 times a week, and sleeps a consistent a...

Ruth T Copy View Testimonial

Ruth T.

Ruth’s journey is just getting started, her grit and determination to continue working toward her goals is inspiring.

Dani P 1 Copy View Testimonial

Dani P.

When Dani first came to WAG she had the goal of losing 25-30 pounds and gaining strength back after having her two kids. She has not only exceeded both of those goals, but she’s gained a ton of con...

Amber B Copy View Testimonial

Amber B.

Amber’s journey is a great example of how you can work with the same coach through a number of life changes. As you can see, none of that has stopped her from making progress!

Gareth A Copy View Testimonial

Gareth A.

I’ve been doing this thing I call “fitness” for a long time now, and following WAG’s process has had the biggest impact both mentally and physically. I was in this to change my body composition, bu...

Veronica P Copy View Testimonial

Veronica P.

Veronica continues to be a rock star!! She knows what needs to be done, and she does it! Through that hard work and determination, she has been able to achieve great success.

Rhondab Copy View Testimonial

Rhonda B.

My time with you has been amazing! I've had nutrition coaches before and NEVER have I gotten the amount of help and quality of coaching I got from you.

Jillian Bizzotto Copy View Testimonial

Jillian B.

With Jillian's hard work and honesty throughout the program, she has increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass to achieve peak performance and a leaner look without sacrificing the fun things in...

Cynthia Ramirez Smith Copy View Testimonial

Cynthia R.

Cynthia's accomplishments speak volumes – she has consistently placed in numerous major races across various distances, often achieving top rankings in overall standing and in her age group.

Alexander S View Testimonial

Alexander S.

After three months of consistent training and following the macros provided by my coach, I increased my muscle mass and got my body fat percentage to 9%. My energy level improved in CrossFit, and m...

Mel Stanton Copy View Testimonial

Melissa S.

Melissa came to WAG with an overall goal of fat loss and a secondary goal of improving her fitness. She has done both and gained so much more.

Jeffrey H View Testimonial

Jeffrey H.

Jeff came to us with the goal of shedding fat and gaining muscle — a recomposition. While this can be a slow process, it’s certainly not impossible. We laid out a plan and got clear on expectations...