Nicole W(2)


My Goal when I started the program was to perform better in the gym and to lose some body fat. I had started making more bad food decisions than good ones due to vacations, work travel and the holidays and I needed to get myself back on track. I lost 10 pounds in 3 months!


My husband and I started WAG as a way to ‘get back on track’ and maybe learn a few things about nutrition. I’ve only been a member for 3 months but I can honestly say that it’s changing my life in the most amazing ways.

After the first week of being stressed out by planning my meals in advance, I began to notice that I had more energy throughout the day. After the second and third week not only did I have more energy but I felt awesome! I was losing a little bit of weight but more noticeably; I was feeling faster and stronger in my CrossFit classes, I was sleeping better, and my overall mood and outlook on life were improving.

I initially felt uneasy about sharing my photos and thoughts with a nutrition coach weekly but Amy Locati has been nothing short of amazing. Amy listens, empathizes, and provides me with super helpful tips and feedback. It’s really great having someone so supportive in this journey to bounce thoughts and ideas off of and to share all of the little victories with.

Since starting WAG I have PR’d my power snatch, overhead squat, power clean, max strict pull-ups, max unbroken double unders, max unbroken reps on lifts, and I have done better on almost all of the workouts that we retested. Along with the prior improvements, I’ve also had several exciting firsts: Hand Stand Push Ups to full depth and Chest to Bar pull ups! It’s amazing: all I needed to do to feel this great, was to weigh/ measure my food and hit my prescribed macros every day!

Each little PR or pound lost has motivated me to continue making healthy choices. I have been able to cut out alcohol and mindless snacking, and it has been my choice to do so in favor of healthier options. In the course of an average day, before WAG, I may have had one glass of wine per night (and sometimes two). Now when it comes to choosing between a glass of wine or food, I find myself choosing the food 9 times out of 10. It’s no wonder I’m performing better in the gym!

Fueling my body properly has had an interesting side effect: I feel noticeably mentally stronger too! Because of how amazing my body feels, it’s helped me to feel mentally stronger as well. I am sleeping much better and as a result, I now feel more in control of stress and I feel better equipped to make decisions throughout the day. Recently, I have had a fairly stressful few months at work and whereas before I would have let it affect me each and every day, WAG has helped me to see the stress for what it is and not let it get to me. All these seemingly small victories add up and spill over to places that I would not have thought would be affected by improved nutrition. The resulting improved overall confidence also helped me to get out of my “comfort zone” and apply (and get hired) for a new role at my current employer!

I have had to travel a few times for work and WAG has helped me go on multi-day trips (full of catered meals) without eating like garbage; as I had done in the past. Simply because there are catered breakfasts, lunches, and dinners doesn’t mean I have to indulge in them. Here again, my coach, Amy, has been a lifesaver when it comes to helping me prepare for work trips. Amy has helped me to focus on controlling the parts of the day that I can control. I may get a few funny looks from my coworkers and clients when I pull out my pre-measured breakfast and lunch but it feels good to know I am still able to mostly hit my macros and I’m not losing too much momentum.

Since starting WAG I’ve had coaches and members in my gym tell me I look great and I’m performing better. I’ve also had coworkers and family members ask me about what it is that I’m doing. It is amazing that; at 36 years old and having two kids, I can honestly say, I am in the best shape of my entire life. More importantly, I’m doing it in a way that is actually healthy. Like a lot of people, I have lost weight before but it’s always been by mistakenly eating very little and doing a lot running; it was never sustainable. WAG is the first time I’ve lost weight, while feeling great, at the same time. I have been telling anyone who will listen to what I have been doing with WAG so that they can feel great too!
At 3 months in, I feel incredible! I can only imagine how much better it will get in the months to come. I am so thankful for WAG, Amy, and the positive influences they have brought into my life. Had I known WAG was going to be so impactful I would have started a long time ago!