Madison Fox


Cut to 75kg weight class(now the goal is possibly 69kg class!) All while increasing strength and speed and getting ripped!


12 weeks in today. Currently down 19.8lbs from my heaviest and 17.8lbs from sign up day. Hit my initial goal weight and am continuing to lose. Inches have dropped off of every place on my body, 7 inches from my waist alone! Strength, power and speed continue to increase. I hit a long overdo Snatch Pr that I was chasing for quite awhile along with many other new records on almost every lift and exercise!

I signed up expecting just to complete 12 weeks, but I never expected to see and feel the changes I have. The most important thing that this picture does not show is my overall attitude in my relationship with food. I've always struggled to find balance with eating while maintaining strength, so I would end up doing the extremes of both and then failing miserably. This is the first time that something has finally worked and it is teaching me that this can be my forever lifestyle. The pictures also do not show the confidence I'm gaining to become the overall best person that I can become! Being a trainer and strength coach, I live my life each day striving to help others become their best selves. I think somewhere along the way I forgot to really take care of me and make sure I'm feeling and performing as my best self too! I can now honestly say with each passing day that this is coming to life!

I can't thank my coach Francesco Catalano enough. Sticking to his plan for me, not having any days where I slipped up or went out of the suggested range, and basically leaving everything else in his hands is what got me this far. His support is everything!!! The whole team and members of WAG have also helped tremendously, and I can't imagine life without the groups support. Nothing compares to how inspirational, supportive and non judgmental they all are!

I have no plans of ending my journey with WAG anytime soon. I'm beyond excited and anxious to see where another 12 weeks and many more will take me!