Gareth A.


My life changed on the 18th of January 2023 when I joined WAG. That’s no exaggeration. From the get-go, Coach Mitch and I went in and hit the ground running - hard. From that day onwards we worked together to hit my macros and that was a lesson in itself. I’m still learning!

The one thing I’ve gathered from this process is that every day is a learning process and the next day is a clean state. Will I make mistakes? Yes. Will I learn from them? Yes. Will I make more mistakes? 100%. Will I make the same mistakes more than once? Yes, but I have learned from previous events, and I have built (and am still building) a foundation of knowledge within myself when it comes to tackling my nutrition. Things like handling social situations with friends and family, knocking out work college meetings, traveling abroad, and everything in between.

I honestly thought I’d join up for three months, lose some weight, and move on, but I’ve continued to stay with WAG and I’ve continued to learn. Coach Mitch holds me accountable. The dude helps me every step of the way. He really does his job to the best of his ability, and I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without his guidance.

The things that WAG has taught me go so far beyond what I thought. I respect and appreciate their process so much that I’m now learning how to be a nutrition coach through their online coaching program. I want to pass on what I’ve learned from WAG to help others as it has helped me.

I’ve been doing this thing I call “fitness” for a long time now, and following WAG’s process has had the biggest impact both mentally and physically. I was in this to change my body composition, but what I’ve achieved goes way beyond that. I honestly mean it when I say WAG had changed my life. It genuinely has.