Caroline Waters


I wanted to develop a healthy relationship with food, and not beat myself up for eating anything other than a salad. I wanted to find something that made me feel damn good in my body. I wanted to set some performance goals that I'd have to grow into - muscle-ups, handstand walking, faster mile time. This program has been all that.. and then some. Since July 2017 I've lost roughly 15 pounds!


Nothing less than amazing! I've referred 3 friends that have all joined because I love sharing my knowledge and learnings with anyone and everyone who's interested. I've discovered SO much about myself, and nutrition has simply been the catalyst that's helped me in doing so. I'm grateful for coach Alexa, and the tools she gives me week over week that keep me feeling balanced, strong, and powerful in not only in my body - but my mindset. #teamWAG for life :)