Alex G


Primary Goal: Dad bod revival! I experienced some weight loss success prior to joining WAG but was stuck in a "skinny-fat" cycle. I joined WAG to learn sustainable habits to build and keep a leaner physique year round. Mission accomplished!

I was strictly cutting and lost ~25 lbs. I have just begun reverse dieting to maintenance with my Coach.


The guidance provided and lessons learned from my WAG Coach (Lex) have greatly exceeded my expectations. While I learned a ton about nutrition, I learned as much about myself and that was unexpected. Lex was there for me every step of the way and assisted me through challenging times and unexpected temptations (birthday cake, anyone?). I also learned a lot about how my food-related choices affect athletic performance and I now understand that proper fuel is vital for optimal physical output.

In addition to nutrition coaching, Lex helped me set realistic expectations and taught me to be less self-critical. I'll certainly carry this wisdom forward and am forever grateful. In general, I've had a wonderful experience with WAG and can't recommend it enough.

One last note: I am greatly inspired by testimonials from other WAG members. I hope this small insight into my journey lights a fire in someone else.